15 spp. are treated, of which Anisogomphus nitidus sp.n. (holotype 6: Dali, Yunnan, 16-VII-I991), Merogomphus chaoi sp.n. (holotype 6. allotype 5: Jiangcheng. Yunnan, 24-VII-1991) and Lamelligomphus laetus sp.n. (holotype 6. allotype 9: Dali. Yunnan. 6/7-VII-1991) are newly described. Type specimens are deposited at IZAS. Kunming; paratypcs were shared between that institution and CUMZ, Cambridge. 4 spp. are new to China, 27 spp. are now listed for Yunnan. The larvae of Nepogomphus walli (Fraser) and Scalmogomphus bistrigatus (Hag.) are newly described (both spp. from exuviae from Dali).