At her home in Bilthoven, after a long, treacherous illness, which she was hearing with much courage and which to the very last did not break her good spirits, our Janny peacefully drifted away from this world on 28 March 1993, at 13.30 h. In the middle of greeting cards and small dragonfly presents, sent by over 150 worried SIO members, she departed from us — her warm heart will he unable to watch any longer over her odonatological ’’family”. Her home, known to dozens-upon-dozens of odonatologists as the ’’Dragonfly Lodge”, had to close its doors. Dr JANNY MARGARETHA VAN BRINK, Emeritus Professor of Cytogenetics of the University of Utrecht, The Netherlands {horn: 5 May 1923, Rotterdam), was the principal initiator, the cornerstone and a true Mother of the SIO. Her outstanding management capacities, capable financial administration and, above all, her warm and always understanding heart brought together and for more than 20 years now kept together the world odonatological community in a way unique in the history of Entomology. In the odonatologists’ world, the SIO will remain a lasting monument of, and stand a witness to her rich life. In the dragonfly kingdom, Microgomphus jannyae Legrand, 1992, Epigomphus jannyae Belle, 1993 and Coenagrion vanbrinki Lohmann, 1993 will for ever preserve her name.