The following new taxa within the Cordulegastrinae sensu Lohmann, 1992 are described and illustrated: Cordulegaster vanbrinki sp.n. (holotype 6: Iran, Elburs Mts, Weyser nr Chains, alt. 1200 m, 23-VII-1971; deposited in NHMB). This melanic sp., related to C. picta Sel., is the easternmost representative of the genus, and the darkest form of the family. — Anotogaster xanthoplera sp.n. (holotype 9; Burma; deposited in the Museum Koenig, Bonn). — A. flaveola sp.n. (holotype 9: Formosa, Tainan, 23°01’N I20°I4’E; deposited in ZMHB). This sp., together with A. xanthoplera, is closely related to A. gigantica Fraser. – A. antehumeralis sp.n. (holotype 6: China, Chin. Turkestan, Xinjiang Uygur Zizhiqu, Western Kunlun Mts, Tschakar nr Pulu, alt. 1930 m, 36°I0’N 8I°29’E, 8/ 10-VI-1890; deposited in ZMHB). — A. cornutifrons sp.n. (holotype 6: Central China, South Shaanxi, 3-VI-1936; deposited in RNHL; 1 <J, 1 9 paratypes). A. antehumeralis and A. cornutifrons are related to A. sieboldii Sel. — Neallogasler lieftincki sp.n. (holotype 6: China. Shanxi, Lueliang Shan [Nienshan Mts], 37°10’N lll°50’E, alt. 1500 m, 7-V1I-I936; deposited in the Museum Koenig, Bonn). It is closely related to N. lunifera (Sel.). — Sonjagaster helladica sp.n. (holotype ö: Greece, Peloponnesus, Taygetos Mts, Tripi, 25-VI-1992, First SIO/lUCN Expedition; deposited in NHMB; 16 <J, 4 9 paratypes). – S. h. kastalia ssp.n. (holotype 6; Greece, Mt Parnassus, Ancient Delphi, Kastalian Springs, 29-VI-1992, First SIO/IUCN Expedition; deposited in NHMB; 7 6,2 9, 34 exuviae paratypes). — S. h. buchholzi ssp.n., (holotype 6: Greece, Cyclades, Andros, Vourkoti, Ahlas River at southern entrance of village, 27- -VI-1992, First SIO/IUCN Expedition; deposited in NHMB; 9 6,2 9, 4 exuviae paratypes). S. helladica has been hitherto mistaken for S. insignis (Schneider), therefore the related spp. are figured and compared with the new sp., viz. S. insignis (Lebanon, Syria, Turkey [Cilician Taurus Mts up to Anatolia]), S. montandoni (St. Quentin) (Romania), S. charpentieri (Kolenati) (Caucasus Mts, NE Turkey [Kura River], Inner Taurus Mts and N Turkey [Pontic Mts] up to W Bulgaria) and S. amasina (Morton) (N Iraq to Turkey [Amasya, N Anatolia and Ilgaz Mts nr Kastamonu]).