Larvae of P. bellei are very similar morphologically to the other eastern U.S. Progomphus spp., alachuensis Byers and obscurus (Ramb.). Lateral spines are present on abdominal segments 5-9, dorsal hooks are present on segments 1-9, and lateral brown markings are present on the abdomen. P. bellei larvae are distinct in having a longer dorsal hook on the ninth abdominal segment (0.45-0.60 mm vs. 0.17-0.40 mm in alachuensis and ohscurus), and longer cerci (1.10-1.37 mm vs. 0.80-1.10 in alachuensis and ohscurus). Also, the fourth antennal segment of bellei is about 1/3 the length of the third segment (0.31-0.36), whereas this ratio is greater in ohscurus (0.37- -0.47).