(9339) KARAMAN, B.S., 1979 i. Ekolosko faunisticka istrazivanja Odonata SR Makedonije. – [ Studies on ecology and fauna of the Odonata of Macedonia], PhD thesis Univ. Zagreb, viii+151 pp. (Croatian). — (Author’s current address unknown). This is a monographic treatment of the odon. fauna of the Republic of Macedonia (62 spp.). Parts of it were subsequently published in the papers listed in OA 5933,5934. A larval population of Epallage falime is reported from Mt Belasica, which is said to represent the northernmost locality of this sp. The fauna of Prespa Lake (34 spp.) is dealt with in great detail, the biogeographic composition of the national fauna is analysed, and a chapter on population biology of Coenagrion puella in a man-made pond at Skopje is added.