An analysis of the preserved four syntypes of S. d. decoloratum (Sel., 1884) from Tortum/Turkey revealed structural identity with S. vulgatum (L., 1758) in two specimens, whilst the other two presumably belong to a hitherto undescribed species. Fixing one vulgalum-like female as the lectotype, the name decoloratum denotes a vulgatum ssp. and is the senior synonym of S. v. flavum Bartenef, 1915. — The valid name of the taxon which was erroneously deemed to be S. decoloratum, is S. sinaiticum Dumont, 1977. Its nominate ssp. is confined to N Africa. S. s. tarraconensis ssp.n. is described from the Iberian Peninsula (holotypc 6, allotype 2 : Rio Canaleta nr Bot, Tarragona prov., Catalonia, Spain, 29-IX-1992). The Asiatic populations are split into S. s. deserti ssp.n. from Anatolia, Caucasus, Mesopotamia and the Iranian Plateau (holotype d, allotype 2: Yasuj, Abshar, Boyr Ahmadi prov., Iran, 9-VII-1974), and S. s. arenicolor ssp.n. from Turkestan (holotype d, allotype 2: Tschardschui, Turkmenistan, about 1925). All types are deposited in RMNH, Leiden.