Odonatologica The morphology of the micropyle and other chorionic features of eggs of Neopetalia is similar to that of Cordulegastridae, although with 8 rather than 6 or 7 atrial (micropylar) openings. Libelluloids have a different micropylar structure, but the present results show that this is more diverse than hitherto suspected. The previously reported morphology ofSynthemistinae(J.W.H. TRUEMAN, 1991, 20:441-452) and of several corduliids and Libellulidae (J.J. BECNEL & S.W. DUNKLE, 1990, Odonatologica 19: 235-241; – TRUEMAN, 1991, ibid.) is here confirmed, but it is shown that Gomphomacromia has a unique micropyle with up to 4 openings. This finding casts doubt on the current understanding of the Gomphomacromiinae and supports the placement of Gomphomacromia at or near the base of the libelluloids.