Spatial structure of the odon. community is analysed. The different abundance of the spp. and their most characteristic habitats in the islands are indicated. The reproduction of 19 spp. on the Balearic Islands is confirmed. Coenagrion scitulum is recorded for the first time from the archipelago. The associations of spp. existing on each of the islands were established by means of factor analysis (correspondence analysis); a total of 9 associations are defined. This study has been made on larvae exclusively. Sympetrum striolatum is the most abundant sp. in the Balearic Islands. Previous records are discussed.


CC BY-SA 4.0 NL ("Naamsvermelding-GelijkDelen")

Societas Internationalis Odonatologica

J. García-Avilés, M.A. Puig, A.G. Soler, & M. Ferreras-Romero. (1995). An analysis of habitat distribution and associations in the Odonata of the Balearic Islands, Spain. Odonatologica, 24(3), 269–282.