16 spp. are enumerated, 9 of these have not previously been recorded from Hong Kong. Melligomphus moluani sp.n. (holotype S: Mt Butler, 8-VII-1993) and Lamellogomphus hongkongensis sp.n. (holotype <J; Tai Tong, collected as larva 22-V-1993, emerged 6-VI-1993) are described and illustrated. – The female of Gomphidia kelloggi Needham and Leplogomphus elegans hongkong-ensis Asahina are described for the first time. The hitherto unknown larva of Stylo-gomphus chunliuae Chao, Megalogomphus sommeri Sel, and Gomphidia kelloggi Needham are illustrated. The presence of Paragomphus capricornis (Forster) in Hong Kong represents a new record for Chinese Territory.