The generic characters of Cyanallagma are reviewed and 3 new Andean spp. are described, viz. C. gaianii sp. n. (Venezuela: Trujillo, Laguna Negra, 1650 m, 9 km E of Mosquey; MIZA), C. thelkterion sp. n. (Venezuela: Merida, Monte Zerpa, Sta. Rosa Experimental Station, 2000 m; M1ZA), and C. risi sp. n, (Colombia: Cundinamarca, Pacho, 2000 m; SENCK). The latter is the “Enallagma ovigerum” of RIS, 1918 [Arch. Naturg. (A) 9: 1-197). – C. demarmelsi Cruz is redescribed from topotypes. Figures and notes on C. laterale (Sel.), C. ovigerum (Calv.) and C. tamaense De Marmels are presented. The genus is recorded from Pantepui for the first time, and a new sp. is described and illustrated, viz. C. tepuianum sp. n. (Venezuela: Amazonas, Mt. Dufda, Cano Sina, 2100 m, 3°22’N, 65°42’W; MIZA). A key to the adults of all spp. treated is presented, and their known distribution is mapped. The larva of C. gaianii is the first one described of an Andean Cyanallagma.