A list of dragonflies known from the Philippines is presented with data on their distribution by the accuracy of the islands. In addition to the 224 named spp. (and 3 sspp.), some 65-70 still undescribed or unidentified (to species level) taxa are listed. Detailed collecting data are presented for 14 named spp., which arc listed from the Philippines for the first time, viz. Archibasis viola, Acrogomphus jubilaris, Ceriagrion cerinorubellum, Ictinogomphus decoratus melaenops, G. dohrni, Gynacantha arsinoe, Heliaeschna simplicia, H. uninervulata, Tetracanthagyna brunnea, Indaeschna grubaueri, Macromia westwoodi, Aethriamanta gracilis, Neurothemis fluctuans and Rhyothemis obsolescens. Prodasineura obsoleta (Selys, 1882) is synonymized with P. integra (Selys, 1882) and Gomphidia platerosi Asahina, 1980 with G. kirschii Selys, 1878. A few other possible synonymies are suggested for future confirmation. A brief review of the earlier studies on Philippine Odonata is presented. Grouped according to the present understanding of the Philippine biogeographical regions, all major islands are briefly characterized and separate lists are given for 40 islands. The records are based on literature data, and on ca 27 000 specimens in Roland Muller’s collection, ca 2 000 specimens in coll. Ris at SMF and on some other smaller collections studied by the authors.