(11336) RIEGLER, R„ [1932-1986] reprint 1987. Libelle. In: H. Bachtold-Staubli & E. Hoffmann-Krayer, Handworterbuch des deutschen Aberglaubens, Vol. 5, pp. 1229-1240, W. de Gruyter, Berlin-New York, ISBN 3-11-011194-2. – Price of the complete 10-vols set: CHF 390.— net. A concise but very exhaustive article, dealing mostly with dragonfly folk appellations in European languages. In a brief paragraph on folk medicine, a reference is made to the paper by J. Jiihling, 1900, Die Tiere in der deutschen Volksmedizin alter und neuer Zeit, Mittweida, no pagination, where the dragonfly is mentioned as a medicament against stomach pains.