The analysis of the aquatic biotopes shows that they can be discriminated on the basis of their species composition and diversity. A first entity, with 2 separate groups of biotopes, is sheltering 24% of the odon. sp., while a second one, with 3 separate groups of biotopes, gives shelter to 76%. The analysis of the odon. fauna indicates that it is composed of 4 entities based on their degree of association. Lestes disjunctus, Leucorrhinia glacialis, L. hudsonica and Coenagrion interrogatum form one entity. A second one is composed of C. resolutum Enallagma hageni, Aeshna constricta, A. juncea, A. umbrosa, Somatochlora albicincta, S. minor and Sympetrum danae. E. boreale, A. eremita, Ophiogomphus colubrinus, Pangaeagaster maculata, Cordulia shurtleffi and Somatochlora cingulata are forming a third entity. The latter includes A. interrupta, A. sitchensis, Dorocordulia libera, A. subarctica. S. forcipata, S. whitehousei and L. proximo.