(11931) SHEVCHENKO, N.N., 1976. Dinamika invazii vodnyh bespozvonochnyh Severskogo Donca gel’mintami v raznye gody. — [Dynamics of “helminth” infestation in aquatic invertebrates of the Severski Donee in various years], Tez. Dokl. 2 vsesoyus. Simp. Bolez. Parazil. vodnyh Bespozvon., Leningrad, p. 73. (Russ.). — (Author’s current address unknown). Metacercariae (Trematoda) of Pleurogenoides medians, Prosotocus confusus, and Pleurogenes claviger are reported from larval dragonflies. P. confusus was particularly numerous in Sympetrum flaveolum.