A brief biography and appreciation of work of Dr Z.R. Adamovic (born 9 March 1923, Obrenovac, Serbia; deceased 1 May 1998, Belgrade. Serbia; curator at the Serbian Natural History Museum and staff member at the Institute for Medical Research; the doyen of Serbian odonatology) are followed by his odonatological bibliography (1948-1997; 27 titles). Most of his papers deal with the fauna of the former Yugoslavia, and combine ecology, morphometry, taxonomy and studies of biogeography. Dr ZIVKO ADAMO TC, was born of a craftsman’s family in Obrenovac near Belgrade, on 9 March 1923. His father Rafailo, a tailor, and his mother Bosiljka, a housewife, also had four daughters. He died in Belgrade on 1 May 1998, after a professionally and privately successful and fulfilled life.