(12191) DAVY, Sir Humphry, 1972 [reprint of the 1840 edn], Salmonia, or days of fly-fishing: in a series of conversations, with some account of the habits of fishes belonging to the genus Salmo. Johnson reprint Corp., New York-London. [Sources of Science, No. 114: The collected works of Sir Humphry Davy, Vol. 9, pp. 1- -205). First published in 1828, this is the last work of the famous British chemist that has appeared during his lifetime. Author's Preface is dated 30 Sept. 1928, in “Laybach, Illyria (= Ljubljana, Slovenia), in which country he did much of his fly-fishing (cf. P. von Radies, 1907, Wissenschaftliche Erschliessung Krains durch Engländer, Laibacher Ztg (Beil.) 125: 2-41; — and J. Volc, 1938, Podkoren, Jugosl. Tisk., Ljubljana). – The book contains several references to the Odon., e.g. as a salmon prey (p. 123), and on their biology and life history (p. 155).