(13177) DZENDZELIVS’KIY, I.O., 1977. Iz sposterezhen’ nad slov’yans’koyu narodnoyu entomologichnoyu leksikoyu, 2: Nazvi babki (Libellula) v govorah slov’yans’kih mov. — [Considerations on Slavic entomological folk vocabulary, 2: Appellations for dragonfly (Libellula) in Slavic dialects]. In: F. Jakopin, [Ed.], Nahtigalov Zbomik, pp. 67-108, Univ. Ljubljana. (Ukrainian, with Engl. & Slovene s’s). — (Author’s address not stated). A linguo-geographical and lexico-etymological analysis is presented of the expressions for “dragonfly” in Slavic languages and dialects. It is based on the work presented in OA 10771 (where the Russian spelling of Author’s name is apparently different from its Ukrainian spelling). The collected material, covering derivations from over 150 roots, shows a complex linguo-geographical picture. The majority of the expressions are metaphoric, metonymic and similar formations.