The odon. fauna from Hainan is enumerated. Vestalis miao sp. n., Bayadera kirbyi sp. n. (Calopterygidae), Burmargiolestes xinglongensis sp, n., Rhinagrion hainanense sp. n., Podolestes pandanus sp. n. (Megapodagrionidae), Drepanosticta zhoui sp. n., D. elongata sp. nā€ž Sinosticta hainanense sp. n. (Platystictidae), Chlorogomphus icarus sp. n., C. gracilis sp. n. (Chlorogomphidae), Planaeschna celia sp. n. and Oligoaeschna sabre sp. n. (Aeshnidae) are described. Lamelligomphus hongkongensis Wilson is assigned as a synonym of L. hainanensis Chao. 6 spp. of Macromia are treated. Macromia hamifera Lieftinck is synonymised with M. clio Ris and other potential synonymies of Vietnamese and South China macromias are discussed. Pseudagrion australasiae Lieftinck, Ceriagrion indochinense Asahina, Gomphidia a. abbotti Williamson and Macromia calliope Ris are recorded from Chinese territory for the first time. A checklist of dragonfly species from Hainan and details of 71 taxa not previously recorded from Hainan are provided.