The new sp. (holotype 3, allotype 2: Brazil, State of Amazonas, Manaus, 20-VI-1922; deposited in FSCA, Gainesville, Fla, USA) is described and illustrated based on 82 3 and 15 2 from Brazil, Surinam, Trinidad and Venezuela. It most closely resembles T. sanguinalis but differs mainly by: (1) translucent dorsal flap of terminal penile segment rectangular in lateral view, gradually tapered to posterior lateral angle (vs flap with a posterolateral lobe-like extension directed posteriorly); (2) cerci 1.6 to 1.8 times as long as paraprocts (vs 2.0 times as long); (3) rear of head half black, black marking extending to occipital foramen (vs pale except for a pair of small, dark circular spots). T sanguinalis is known only from central Bolivia and western Brazil.