Libellago blanda (Hagen) and L. andamanensis (Fraser) are removed from synonymy with L. lineata (Burnt.); they are redescribed in both sexes and compared with L lineata. Recently acquired material from the Nicobar Isis (Camorta and Great Nicobar) reveals that the original type series of Micromerus blandus consists of 2 close, but distinct spp. A 6 specimen (in ZMUC) from Nancowry Island is designated as the lectotype of blanda. Former syntype 9 9 from Little Nicobar belong to a new sp., described here as L. balus sp.n,, holotype (deposited at RMNH. Leiden) of which comes from Great Nicobar Island, Campbell Bay area, 24-XII-2000. 33 of L. blanda and L. balus sp.n. differ in the colour pattern of abdomen and in the shape of rhinarium. The status of L. indica (Fraser) is briefly discussed.