(14152) BEUDEKER, K., 2000. Utrecht mtmrdichthij. — [The Utrecht nature close at hand], Stichling het Utrechts Landschap, De Bill. 121 pp. ISSN 1567-0791. (Dutch). — Price: € 6.80 net. — (Publishers: P.O. Box 121, NL-3730 AC De Bill). The Calopteryx splendens population in the Kromme Rijn R. nr the city of Utrecht, the Netherlands is mentioned and some photographs are included. (14153) BOSSENBROEK, P„ O. DRIESSEN & J. HERMANS, 2000. Herstelbeheer de Snep succesvol. — Habitat restoration at De Snep Nature Reserve. Natuurh. Maandbl 89(11): 238-245. (Dutch, with Engl, s.). — (Third Author: Hertestraat 21, NL-6067 ER Linné). De Snep (surface ca 5 ha), a natural pond, surrounded by grassland and a few patches of forest, is situated in central Limburg, the Netherlands. In 1994 the pond was cleaned and the silty sediment removed. Over the period, 1998-2000,26 odon. spp. were recorded, mostly spp. of moderately eutrophic water.