A brief biography of Dr N.W, Moore (bom 24 Feb. 1923; retired Chief Advisory Officer of the [British] Nature Conservancy Council, founder Chairman of the Odonata Specialist Group of the IUCN Species Survival Commission, Hon. Fellow of the Linnean Society and the British Dragonfly Society, Member of Honour of the Societas Intemationalis Odonatologica, Fellow of the Royal Entomological Society, etc. and founding chairman of the international group promoting Odon. conservation) is followed by his shortened bibliography (1939-2002; 135 titles, fairly complete for odonatological publications, but ca45 papers on pesticides and environment are omitted). – N.W.M. is a naturalist biologist whose lifelong aim has been to conserve wildlife and to relate the conservation of wildlife to human activities and welfare. In addition to his very wideranging contribution to conservation, he always maintained his long term research on odon. After retiring (1983), he created a reserve beside his garden, and dragonflies again took centre stage. Most of his odonatological work is devoted to studies on adult territorial behaviour, distribution and community structure, and to various aspects of habitat and species conservation. A brief biography emphasising matters concerning the study of dragonflies and provision for their conservation: