Taxonomic and faunistic information is provided on the Zygoptera of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China. Megalestes haui sp. n. (holotype: 6. Shiwandashan), M. tuska sp. n, (holotype: 3, Dayaoshan), Rhipidolestes laui sp. n. (holotype: 3, Cenwanglaoshan), Calicnemia haksik sp, n. (holotype: 6, Cenwanglaoshan), Coeliccia galbina sp. n. (holotype: 3, Longrui) and Drepanosticta magna sp. n. (holotype: 3, Cenwanglaoshan) are described. Sinolestes truncata Needham is synonymised with Sinolestes edita Needham. The hitherto unknown male of Indocypha katharina (Needham) and female of Schmiditiphaea vietnamensis (van Tol & Rozendaat) are described, Devadatta ducatrix Lieftinck, Euphaea guerini Rambur, Euphaea superba Selys, Schmidtiphaea vietnamensis van Tol & Rozendaal, Indocnemis ambigua (Asahina), Calicnemia miles (Laidlaw), and an undescribed species of Drepanosticta are recorded from China for the first time. The status of Guangxi as an important centre of odonate biodiversity is discussed.