DrXIUFU ZHAO, known from his publications and correspondence as HSIU-FU CHAO, a renowned entomologist and the Doyen of Chinese odonatology, died of a heart attack on 2nd May 2001 at Fujian province, P.R. China, at the age of 85. Dr Xiufu Zhao was bom at Fuzhou, Fujian province on 17 May 1917. He showed great interest in observing nature already while he was a child. He studied at Fuzhou Scientific and Technology Middle School, where the well-known biologist Zhongzhang Tang gave lectures on biology during the period Zhao attended this school. Guided by Tang, he soon began studying biology. He passed entrance examinations for both Qinghua University and Yenjing University in 1935. Following the advice of his brother, Xiuqian Zhao, he chose to attend the latter. At Yenjing he studied under the guidance of the celebrated biologist Jingfii Hu. An insect catching boy during childhood, now a junior in a university he started investigating injurious insects of fruit trees. He commenced a study on parasitic wasps with great interest and soon made original discoveries. Seeing that he was interested in zootaxonomy, Professor Wu sent him a copy ofJ.G. Needham's Manual of the dragonflies of China, in order to introduce him to the realm of zootaxonomy. As a result, Zhao entered this domain with great enthusiasm. He was admitted as an honorary member of the “Beta Beta Beta Learned Society" in recognition of the excellence of his studies. He was also awarded a ‘Golden Key’ for the first time in his life.