Relevant and mainly structural characters of Austrogomphus s. str., Austroepigomphus Fraser, Pleiogomphus Watson, Xerogomphus Watson and Zephyrogomphus Watson, all considered by J.A.L. WATSON (1991, invertehr. Taxon. 5: 289-441) as subgenera of Austrogomphus Selys, are described and illustrated. On the basis of this information it is suggested that Austroepigomphus and Zephyrogomphus should be elevated to generic rank, that Pleiogomphus should keep its position as a subgenus of Austrogomphus, and that Xerogomphus should be regarded as a subgenus of Austroepigomphus. Some morphological details of the previously undescribed male of what is now Zephyrogomphus longipositor (Watson) are given.