All knowledge of the odon. fauna of Kamchatka Peninsula (NE Asia) is reviewed, using literature data, miscellaneous collections and the results of an expedition by the authors in July 2003. In total, 27 spp. have become known, with Lestes dryas, Coenagrion hastulatum, Aeshna serrata, Epitheca bimaculata, Somatochlora exuberata, S. alpestris, and Leucorrhinia intermedia here reported for the first time. Aeshna palmata is dismissed; Anax junius, twice reported in the 19th century, is an American migrant that rarely reaches Kamchatka; the southern migrants, Pantala flavescens and Sympetrum frequens, are represented by one old record each, with specimens still preserved in Zool. Inst., St Petersburg. Very few more spp. may be expected in future, and it is concluded that the fauna is of an impoverished boreal extraction. This lack of endemism is understandable, since dragonflies could only begin reinvading the peninsula around 13,000 BP. 7 spp. are Holarctic, 1 is SE Palaearctic, 5 are NE Palaearctic, 1 is an American vagrant, 1 is a sub-cosmopolitan migrant, and the remainder are transpalaearctic.