(15645) BENASSO, G., 1984. Zoologia. Giulia, 1 Aggiornamenti: La ricerca scientifica, pp. 343-426, pis 35-38 excl., 1st. Enciclop. Friuli Venezia Giulia, Udine. — (Author’s last-known affiliation: Lab. regionale per la storia delle scienze natural!, Pordenone, Friuli, Italy; – Publishers; Via Marco Volpe 17/A, 1-33100 Udine, Friuli). A comprehensive outline is presented of the history (pp. 343-410) and of the current zoological research (pp. 411-426) in the Autonomous Region Friuli Venezia Giulia, NE Italy. The history is traced from I. A. Scopoli (1723-1788), and some biographic data are supplied on numerous regional odon. workers and collectors, e.g. A. Lazzarini (1871-1945; cf. OA 3457), G. Tacconi (odon. publications: 1888, Boll. Ass. agr. friul. [IV] 5[1]: 10-16; 1906, In Alto 17[3]: 27-32), B. Finzi (1897-1941; odon. coll, in MSNT, Triest), C. Koch (1904-1970; curator Mus. Ent. “P. Rossi”, Duino), G. Muller (1888-1964; great coleopterologist, Director Mus. civ. Stor. nat., Triest), A. Schatzmayer (1880-1950; Director Mus. Ent. “P. Rossi”), E, Stolfa (deceased in Albania, 1943), A.C. principe della Torre e Tasso (1881-1937; founder of Mus. Ent. “P. Rossi”, which institution operated during I924-I937)etc. — An informative summary of this work has appeared in Lanternino 1986(1): 11-12.