Coexistence of discrete 9 colour morphs is a common characteristic of many odon. species. Surveys have found that for some North American and European genera, half or more of the spp. show female-limited polymorphism, while in other genera, 9 polymorphism appears far less common among spp. One such genus is Lestes with reportedly only one sp. (L. sponsa) being polymorphic. Here are described andromorphs and heteromorphs for L. disjunctus. Female-limited polymorphism might be more common, even in this genus, than is perceived currently. 9 morph frequencies were estimated for 4 consecutive yr.: andromorphs constitute approximately 16% of mature 9 9 sampled and this proportion is fairly consistent between years. Similar to other published reports on other spp., andromorphs and heteromorphs in this study population did not differ in wing length or mass. Seasonal patterns in representation of different morphs suggest that further research should be done on timing of emergence of andromorphs versus heteromorphs in this and perhaps other spp.