The larval antennae of E. lindenii are short and made up of a scape, a pedicel and a fourth-segmented flagellum. They bear four types of aporous and exclusively mechanoreceptive sensilla: spatula-shaped sensilla chaetica, curved sensilla chaetica, sensilla filiformia and sensilla campaniformia. The curved sensilla chaetica are proprioceptors which monitor the relative position of the 3rd and 4,h flagellomeres. Sensilla filiformia are vibration receptors which play the major role in prey detection. The unique sensillum campaniformium on the pedicel is a proprioceptor which informs the larva of the position of the flagellum relative to the pedicel. Spatula-shaped sensilla chaetica are tactile receptors distributed on the scape and the pedicel. No chemoreceptive sensilla has been observed on the antennae.