The genus Drepanosticta Laidlaw is revised for Sulawesi and adjacent islands. D. ephippiata Lieftinck is redescribed, and D. bicolor sp. n. (Buton Island), D. hamulifera sp. n. (Kabaena Island), D. penicillata sp. n. (central Sulawesi) and D. watuwilensis sp. n. (SE Sulawesi) are described as new to science. A key to the <J 6 is provided. Based on the structure of posterior margin of the pronotum, D. ephippiata presumably represents a monophyletic clade with the D. lymetta and D. megametta species-groups, including spp. from the mainland of New Guinea. This group is distributed from Mindanao (Philippines) eastward to the northern Moluccas, northern New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. The newly described spp. are morphologically quite diverse; they are presumably most closely related to spp. occurring SE of Sulawesi.