Thermoregulation in Lestes d. disjunctus Selys, L. rectangularis Say, and L. dryas Kirby was investigated at the Old Mill Pond, Pictou Landing, Nova Scotia, Canada between 30 July and 3 Sept. 1994. L. dryas was more dependent on ambient temperature than L. disjunctus and L. rectangularis. L. disjunctus and L. dryas had different temporal distributions and they varied in their microhabitat use. L. disjunctus was the first sp. to begin activity during the day (0900 to 1200 h), while L. dryas was only active during the afternoon (1200 to 1600 h). L. disjunctus perched in full sun in open areas with low grassy vegetation. L. dryas was found in shady regions where shrubs were dominant. It had slightly lower thoracic and abdominal temperatures than the other 2 spp.