Based on an examination of the material in the Natural History Museum in London, Elattoneura bigemmata Lieftinck, 1971 is a junior synonym of E. oculata (Kirby, 1894). A map of the currently known distribution of the sp. is provided. According to the IUCN criteria, due to its very small area of occupancy in SW Sri Lanka and pressure on its habitat, E. oculata is to be classified as globally endangered (EN).


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Societas Internationalis Odonatologica

M. Bedjanič. (2008). Notes on the synonymy, distribution and threat status of Elattoneura oculata (Kirby, 1894), an endemic damselfly from Sri Lanka (Zygoptera: Protoneuridae). Odonatologica, 37(2), 145–150.