Taxonomic information is provided on the Chinese aeshnid fauna from Guangdong and Hong Kong, based on surveys completed from 1998 to 2005. Planaeschna haui sp. n. (holotype: 6, Shimentai, Guangdong), P. nanlingensis sp. n. (holotype: S, Nanling, Guangdong) and P. skiaperipola sp. n. (holotype: 6, Shimentai, Guangdong) are described. Periaeschna rotunda Wilson is synonymised with Cephalaeschna klotsi Asahina. Petaliaeschna gerrhon Wilson is combined with the genus Periaeschna Martin and the first $ described. Boyeria karube Yokoi is newly recorded from China. Keys are provided for the determination of Oriental Brachytronini genera and identification of Chinese spp. of S Cephalaeschna Selys, Periaeschna Martin and Petaliaeschna Fraser. A total of 25 aeshnids are recorded from Guangdong, including 3 new spp., and 3 new provincial records. 12 aeshnids are recorded from Hong Kong, including Planaeschna skiaperipola sp. n. (paratype: 9, Wu Kau Tang, Hong Kong).