(17426) JENSEN, B., 1983. Am Waldsee. Arena, Wurzburg. 63 pp. Hardcover (17.0x24.7 cm). ISBN 3-401-04035-9. This is a Germ, edn of the original work published (1982) under the title “Skov-soen” in Denmark. The odon. are treated on pp. 40-42. No spp. are mentioned, but some are photographically documented. (17427) MARGRAF, T.J. & D.W. PLITT, 1983. The aquatic macrofauna and water quality of Cottonwood Creek, Oklahoma. Proc. Okla. Acad. Sci. 62: 1-6. – (Authors’current addresses unknown). In Nov. 1978, 50 macroinvertebrate taxa were collected with Ekman dredge and were mostly identified to the genus. 8 odon. taxa are listed in a tab.