40 spp./sspp. from 58 localities were recorded during 2003 and 2005-2007. Sympecma fusca, Erythromma lindenii, Somatochlora meridionalis, Orthetrum albistylum and Sympetrum pedemontanum are new for the region. S. meridionalis records are the easternmost within its range. Geographical distribution of some other spp. is discussed, and notes on the morphology and taxonomic status of the regional Calopteryx splendens, C. virgo, Ischnura elegans and Cordulegaster insignis are provided. The distributions of Coenagrion pulchellum, C. scitulum, Pyrrhosoma n. nymphula, Aeshna cyanea, Cordulia aenea and Sympetrum depressiusculum in Turkey are still largely unknown. Based on all available records, a list of the 51 spp./sspp. currently known from the Western Black Sea Region is presented.