(17800) MIYASHITA, M„ 2000. Studies on the conditions of location and restoration of the habitat of the damselfly Mortonagrion hirosei. Proc. annu. Meet. Emir. Syst. Res. 28:475-483. (Jap., with Engl, s.). — (Natn. Inst. Envir. Res., JA; postal address not stated). The sp. occurs from the Kitakamigawa river (Miyagi pref.) to the Tsushima Isis (Nagasaki pref.), Japan. Its habitats are located from the estuary up to a distance of 40 km from the mouth of the river; 4 types were distinguished, viz.: riverside, movable dam, brackish lake, and tidewater control pond. It is suggested that fluctuations in the salinity and water level are among the most important habitat features of the sp. (17801) MIYASH1TA, M., 2000. Studies on the method for assessment of the habitat of the damselfly Mortonagrion hirosei. Proc. Jpn Soc. civil Engin. 657: 65-73. (Jap., with Engl. s.). — (Transliteration of Author’s address not provided). The M. hirosei population was studied at the Tone Kamome Chashi bridge on the Tonegawa river (Japan). The changes of water level and the salinity were measured. The larvae were recorded only from a pond on a sunken place on the riverside, covered with dead reed leaves. It is suggested that the distribution pattern of this sp. can be used as an excellent tool in the environment assessment.