A total of 19 spp. (9 Zygoptera and 11 Anisoptera) was recorded in a survey carried out at 28 water sites located in the Alvao Natural Park, NE Portugal. Multivariate statistical procedures were used to analyse the relationship between the spp. and the characteristics of their habitat, in order to determine different spp. biotope preferences, Aside from spp. with unspecific habitat requirements, 2 main species assemblages could be detected. Enallagma cyathigerum, Sympetrum fonscolombeii, S. sanguineum, Ischnura pumilio, Lestes virens and Anax imperator preferred permanent water bodies characterized by high temperatures, while Calopteryx virgo, Pyrrhosoma nymphula, Cordulegaster boltonii and Onychogomphus uncatus preferred sites with fast-flowing water characterized by low and moderate temperatures. Conservation strategies should take these patterns and habitat requirements into consideration.