(17936) BACH, L., 2000. Auswirkungen von Revitalisierungsmassnahmen an dem Heidebach Ise auf dessen Libellenfauna. Angew. Landschaftsdkol. 37: 267-270. (With Engl. s.). — (Author’s current address unknown). Based on the 1991-1999 monitoring of the effects of various revitalisation measures on the odon. fauna of the Ise rivulet (Liineburger Heide, Germany), it was noticed that particularly the typical stream spp. did profit from the revitalisation. Its effect on 15 spp. is shown in a graph. (17937) ZHOU, W.-b. & Z.-z. LI, 2000. Scalmogomphus guizhouensis sp. nov. and Lamelligomphus parvulus sp. nov., two new dragonflies from China (Anisoptera: Gomphidae) Wuyi Sci. J. 16: 18-21. (Chin., with Engl. s.). — (First Author: Dept Ent., Zheijang Mus. Nat. Hist., Gu-shan, Hanzhou-310012, China). S. guizhouensis sp. n. (holotype <5, allotype 9: Guizhou, Huangguoshu, 18-VI-2000) and L. parvulus (holotype 3, allotype 9: Yunnan, Xiaguan, 10-VII-2000) are described and illustrated. The types are deposited at Zheijang Mus. Nat. Hist., Hanzhou).