The knowledge of the distribution of the odonates in Galicia (NW Spain) is very fragmentary, due to the absence of faunistic searches in the last 60 years. The recent bibliographical revision of Ocharán (1987) records 30 species in Galician localities, while Askew (1988) indicates the lack of data on the distribution of many species in this zone with a question mark in his maps. In this study I present data about the distribution of 41 species, collected during the last 10 years in 69 localities. The most interesting discoveries have been of abundant populations of Ischnura elegans (Vander L.) in coastal lagoons, and the location of several colonies of Coenagrion scitulum (Ramb.), Coenagrion mercuriale (Charp ), Oxygastra curtisii (Dale). Macromia splendens (Pict.) and Gomphus graslini Ramb.