In accordance with suggestions received from the SIO membership during the last two international symposia of odonatology (Lancaster 1975, Gainesville 1977), the Society has pleasure in presenting to the readers the first issue of the new semiannual bulletin, which will appear simultaneously with the June and December issues of Odonatologica, and be mailed automatically to all SIO members and subscribers to Odonatologica. A volume will consist of 10 issues. There will be no extra charge in 1978, but a small contribution may be asked for from 1979 onwards. Separate subscription, for non-members of SIO and for non-subscribers to Odonatologica, will also be possible. The publication program of NOTV LAE ODONATOLOGICAE will focus strongly on short, original papers related to faunistics, field observations, breeding and laboratory records, critical book reviews, etc., which are not within the remit of Odonatologica. In this way the Society will attempt to further stimulate odonalological research and to concentrate, as far as possible, the hitherto scattered odonalological notes within the pages of a single periodical, thus making them easily available also to those workers who do not have the facilities of large libraries. It is considered that this will be of obvious benefit to amateurs and professionals alike, since in the long run, and coupled with the Odonalological Abstracts, it will further reduce the ever increasing time one must spend scanning a multitude of nonspec ialized journals to keep abreast with work in one’s field.