In December 1966 a statue showing a group of dragonflies was unveiled on the occasion of the opening of a bank office in the city of Lahti (address: Lahden Saastbpankki, Rautatiekatu 20 A, SF-15110 Lahti-11). The three metre high piece of art represents a pair of an anisopterous dragonfly ovipositing in a reed stalk, accompanied by a third individual above the pair (Fig. 1). The fountain beneath the dragonflies makes the composition very natural and enjoyable. The statue was made by the well known Finnish sculptor Heikki Nieminen from embossed steel using the welding method. The steel was polished, blued by heating and finally varnished. The artist also made two miniature copies of the statue by the same method. The smaller one (0.5 m high) is in the possession of the bank mentioned above, and the other (1 m high) is placed in the city hall of Espoo. The latter statue shows the ovipositing pair only.