When searching for possible dragonfly localities in southern Spain on March 10, 1979 I observed adult specimens pertaining to this species on diverse spots along the Road N 340 between Vejer de la Frontera and Tarifa. In a marshy field at the entrance of camping Rio Jara (near km 80) they were encountered in numbers, and also one pair in copula was collected. Apparently the insects had hatched already in the first days of March. This observation indicates that in Spain I. graellsi is on wings much earlier than hitherto supposed. P. AGUESSE (1968, Les Odonales de I'Europe occidenlale. du Nord de /’ Afrique el des ties allamiques. Masson, Paris) gave May, June and July for the flight period, bul R. Leveque collected several specimens on the last days of April. 1959 in Sopetón, Coto Doñana (P. AGUESSE, 1962, Puhlnes Archiv. Insl. Aclim. 6: 9-12), while C. DUFOUR (1978, Cah. Nat., N.S.. 32 [1976]: 41-43) found numerous individuals from April 2 and onwards in 1977 in the delta of the Guadalquivir River.