One reference to the generic name Negomphoides apparently has been overlooked by everyone who has written concerning it — including myself. In the same year that R.A. MUTTKOWSKI proposed the name in his ’’Catalogue of the Odonata of North America" (1910, Bull. puhl. Mus., Milwaukee I /1: I207), he synonymized it with Cyclophylla (1910, Bull. Wis. nai. Hist. Soc. 8: 170-179) giving the following explanation (p. 174): ’’Negomphoides, Aphylla and Cyclophylla. — Dr. Calvert holds that these three genera cannot be differentiated. In accordance with his view the new name Negomphoides Muttk. for Gomphoides Selys must be suppressed and Cyclophylla take its place”. This does not change the assignment of species given in my paper (L.K. GLOYD, 1973, Occ. Pap. Mus. Zoo!. Vniv. Mich. 668: 1-7, pi. I) to the genera Gomphoides, Phyllogomphoides, Aphylla, and Phyllocycla (the new name proposed by P.P. CALVERT, 1948, Zoologica 33: 47-87, pis. 1-2, on p. 62, for the preoccupied Cyclophylla). Species included in Phyllocycla form a generic group distinct from the species originally included in Negomphoides. However, the synonymy of Negomphoides with Cyclophylla should he included in the history of Gomphoides sensu lato.