Summarizing the available information on the distribution of Cordulegaster annulatus (Latr.) (= C. boltoni (Don.)) in Italy. C. MINN1TI (1974. Alii IX Congr. naz. iial. Enl.. Siena, 1972, pp. 39-55) listed C. annulatus, C. a. charpentieri, C. a. immaculifrons, C. a. intermedius, and a possible hybrid. annulatus/ charpentieri While most of the material recorded in his paper should be revised in the future and much more material will have to be investigated, the status of two forms seems to be clear at the moment. Cordulegasler annulaius intermedius, known only from the type, which is said to have come from Livorno, belongs to C. pictus Selys (cf. G. THEISCHINGER, 1979, Odonalologica 8: 23-38). Specimens from Sicily have been described as C. boltoni trinacriae by A.R, WATERSTON (1976), Trans. R. Soc. Edinb. 69: 457-466), who expressed some doubt as to whether the taxon is restricted to the island of Sicily or might occur in peninsular Italy as well.