During 1974-1979 the odonate fauna of the broader surroundings of the city of Eindhoven has been systematically studied. The prevailing biotopes include lowland brooks, canals, heaths and man-made ponds and lakes. Out of the 68 species known to occur in the Netherlands, 40 were recorded in the region. Among these is Oxygastra curtisi, which represents the second record of this species in the Netherlands (recorded for the first time in 1926; cf. M.A. LIEFTINCK, 1926a, tnt. Ber.. Amsterdam 7: 43-45; – 1926b, Tijdschr. Em. 59: IX-X; — 1927, Em. Ber.. Amsterdam 1: 165-170; it is interesting that after nearly eight decades the species has recently also reappeared in Belgium; cf. H.J. DUMONT, 1977, Bull. Ann. Soe. r. beige Em. 113: 26). Our record of Cordulegaster boltoni refers to one of its very few still existing populations in the Netherlands (cf. Br. ARNOUD, 1969, Natuurhist. Maandbl. 58; 72-73; – J. BELLE, 1971, Em. Ber., Amsterdam 31: 140-142;— 1972, loc. cit. 32: 105-111). The following is an annotated list of species: Platycnemididae: Platycnemis pennipes ( Pall.): common at brooks and canals, in heaths sporadically; at the Eindhovens Canal migrations were noticed over a distance of up to 1.5 km.