The distribution of the Odonata of the large Canadian province of Alberta (655626 km;) is poorly understood, and any collections represent valuable additions to the knowledge of the fauna of the area. Especially important are data relating to the Rocky Mountain region of the province, which represents the rather abrupt transition between the western Canadian Cordillera and the Great Plains. Recently, a small collection of Odonata from the Crowsnest Pass region (49°40'N II4°40'W) came to my attention. This pass is the southernmost major corridor through the Canadian Rocky Mountains; its highest point is 1370 m. The most recent distributional lists for the Odonata of Alberta are found in E M. WALKER (1953. 1958, The Odonata of Canada and Alaska. Vols, I, 2. Univ. Toronto Press) and E.M. WALKER & P S. CORBET (1975, ditto. Vol. J). but these mention very few records from extreme southwestern Alberta. The following additions are therefore presented. The specimens are in the Spencer Entomological Museum. Department of Zoology. University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C.; all were collected by J.G. and G. Fisher unless otherwise indicated.