Due to the recently intensified survey work on the distribution of Swiss dragonflies, the summer of 1979 yielded a number of observations that are considered worthwhile to be briefly recorded here. For an overall information on the status of the species concerned reference is made to the paper by J. DEMARMELS (1979, Notul. odonatol. I: 37-40). Gomphidae. Gomphus vulgatissimus (L.): July 23, at the outflow of Lake Hallwil, "Aabach” brook, Seon, canton Aargau, I exuviae. Although the species still does occur in running waters, more appreciable populations seem to persist in big lakes only (cf. C. DUFOUR, 1978, Etude faunistique ties odonates de Suisse romande, Serv. forets & faune, Lausanne). At present it has become essentially scarcer than Onychogomphus forcipatus, although the number of records of the latter has also greatly decreased.