The male gonial complements were examined in Enallagma parvum (Sel.) (Chandigarh, Naida Sahib, Pinjore and Solan; Sept.-Oct. 1978, July 1979) and Ischnura delicata (Hag.) (Chandigarh and Chandimandir; Sept.-Oct. 1978, May-July 1979). In both species the chromosome numbers are 2 n = 27, n = 14. A pair of medium-sized m-chromosomes occurs in Enallagma, while the Ischnura chromosomes (bivalents), including the X, are of gradually decreasing magnitude. This is in agreement with the situation recorded earlier in all 12 hitherto examined members of this genus (cf. B. KIAUTA & M.A.J.E, KIAUTA, 1980, Odonatologica 9: 237-245).