In 1970, P.L. RESENER (Trans. Ky Acad. Sci. 31: 32-44) published a list of 136 species of Odonata known to occur in Kentucky. P.H. CROWLEY & A.D. WILSON (1979, Trans. Ky Acad. Sci. 40: 52) added two species to the list and in the present note, two more species are added. This brings the current state total to 140 species. Argia bipunctulata Hagen — The junior author collected a total of 34 males and 4 females from Pine Mountain State Park, Bell Co., on June 15, 1962. A. bipunctulata has been previously found from New York to Florida (cf. J.G. NEEDHAM & H.B. HEWOOD, 1929, A handbook of the dragonflies of North America. Thomas, Springfield) west to Michigan and Missouri (B.E. MONTGOMERY, 1967, Proc. N. cent. Brchent. Soc. Am. 22: 121-129).