If there are any published records of Odonata from El Salvador I am not aware of them. Dr. P.P. CALVERT mentions none in the Biologia Centrali-Americana (1901-1907), and none in his paper on the neotropical species of the "Subgenus Aeschna” (1956), and Dr. D.J. BORROR records none in his Revision of the Genus Erythrodiplax (1942). Any specimens from this area are of special interest even though of well-known species only. The material listed below for which I have had the privilege of identifying is from the California Academy of Sciences, thanks to Dr. Paul H. Arnaud, Jr., and in the E.B. Williamson Collection, Division of Insects, Museum of Zoology, University of Michigan. All the specimens from the California Academy (CAS) were collected in 1963 by M. Irwin and D.Q. Cavagnaro; those in the Williamson Collection by David R. Lauck in 1957 (W-L) and by R.J. Dysart in I959(W-D). Eighteen species are represented in the 72 specimens from six Departments.